Spa Finishing School Training Courses

Do I have to have be a qualified therapist already?

  • Yes, the majority are not beginner courses, you must already have your beauty or massage qualifications.
  • You must already hold insurance for the subjects- eg. If you do our Luxury Holistic Facials you must already be qualified and have insurance to do facials.
  • Certain courses such as our social media and business based courses are suitable for people who are not qualified therapists. We will always point out where this is the case.

Will I need additional insurance?

  • No, however you would always be safest to check with your own personal insurers.
  • All the courses are classed as graduate spa versions of your original qualifications and would normally be covered under your original insurance for that service.
  • These are C.P.D ( continued professional development courses) as opposed to qualification course.

Who should to these courses?

  • Therapists who want to grow and enhance their skills.
  • Therapists who haven't had exposure to working in a UK or global spa or with big skincare brands but really want to bring a spa vibe and journey to their own salon or business.
  • Therapists/ spas/ salons who want to add a real spa customer journey to treatments.
  • Spa/ salons who want to stand out from the crowd and make sure their clients talk about them and recommend their amazing services, quirky touches and concept of putting the client at the centre of every touch.

How do the courses work?

  • You enrol and can start immediately.
  • You will get the option to download and print the manuals if you prefer this.
  • We suggest you watch the theory sections with your manual.
  • Then watch the treatment videos on your own to get acquainted with the treatment.
  • Organise a lucky friend or colleague to be your model and have the treatment protocol video rolling and do your first version of the practical treatment.
  • Repeat as many times as you need.
  • We are always here if you need help!

How long will it take to do the course?

This is entirely down to you. You can move at whatever speed works best for you.

Does my log in to the training expire?

No, how does lifetime access sound? You can have continued access to the treatment to refresh and revise when you need.

Do I need to be in the UK?

  • No, you can do these courses globally.
  • The manual and videos are in English however, so you need a good working understanding of English.

Are the courses held in a venue or specific date?

No, these are online courses so you can do them anywhere in the world. You can enrol on a course whenever you want.

What are the course fees?

Each course has it’s own price depending on the complexity of the course. This cost is for one therapist. These prices are listed on the site by the course.

Can I split the payments for the course?

No, this isn’t possible currently. We do have a range of 'Bundles' where courses are grouped together with discounts that are always the cheapest way to get your training.

Do I have to use Pinks Boutique or Proverb Organic Skincare?

No, not at all. Some of our treatments were made in partnership with our skincare brands so these are the products on the trolley and we may speak about them in some courses. However, Spa Finishing School if for all therapists and it is about learning amazing techniques. If we use a Pinks Boutique Lemongrass Cleanser and say that out loud, you just use the cleanser you have. Basically you have our full permission to ignore any mention of the brands and just learn the moves!

Obviously, if you would like to try any of our products then please let us know and we can help you get samples at discounted rates.

What is the relationship between Spa Finishing School, Pinks Boutique and Proverb?

Our founder's Kirstie and Luke Sherriff own all 3.

Spa Finishing School

Pinks Boutique Skincare

Proverb Skincare

Pinks Boutique also has a line of Salon and Spa decor- wooden bowls, spoons, sarongs etc.

To be very clear you are under no obligation as part of Spa Finishing School to use our brands or decor, the Spa Finishing School rises above all of them! Ultimately from a 20 year career of qualification beauty training, designing treatments and training masses of spas and then creating stand out treatments for our own brands it has become very obvious that beyond anything what the global beauty industry needs it more empowered therapists, who are just better at treatments, that love and want to do their job.... whatever bottles they are holding in their hands.