Signature 5 ★ Spa Training Courses

Do I have to have be a qualified therapist already?

  • Yes, these are not beginner courses, we must already have your beauty or massage qualifications.
  • You must already hold insurance for the subjects- eg. If you do our Spa Facials you must already be qualified and have insurance to do facials.

Will I need additional insurance?

  • No, however you would always be safest to check with your own personal insurers.
  • All the courses are classed as graduate spa versions of your original qualifications and would normally be covered under your original insurance for that service.
  • These are C.P.D ( continued professional development courses) as opposed to qualification courses.

Who should do these courses?

  • Therapists who want to grow and enhance their skills.
  • Therapists/ spas/ salons who want to add a real spa customer journey to treatments.
  • Spa/ salons who want to stand out from the crowd and make sure their clients talk about them and recommend their amazing services, quirky touches and concept of putting the client at the centre of every touch.

How do the courses your work?

  • You enrol and can start immediatley.
  • Print the manuals.
  • Watch the theory with your manual.
  • Watch the treatment videos on your own instead of watching TV one night to get acquainted with the treatment.
  • Organise a guinea pig model and have the video rolling and do your first version of the treatment with virtual Kirstie and the treatment rolling.
  • Repeat as many times as you need.
  • We are always here if you need help!

How long will it take to do the course?

This is entirely down to you. You can move at whatever speed works best for you.

Does my log in to the training expire?

No, we can have continued access to this to revise.

Do I need to be in the UK?

  • No, you can do these courses globally.
  • The manual and videos are in English however, so you need a good working understanding of English.

Are the courses held in a venue or specific date?

No, these are online courses so you can do them anywhere in the world. You can enrol on a course whenever you want.

Do I have to use Pinks Boutique Organic Skincare?

No, these are treatments and will work with a good therapist and product. We would love you to use it so let us know if you want to try some but this is not a pre-requisite.

What are the course fees?

Each course has it’s own price depending on the complexity of the course. This cost is for one therapist. These prices are listed on the site by the course.

For therapists, salons or spas taking on opening orders of Pinks Boutique skincare products (remember this is not a requirement) some or all training may be allocated free of charge as part of your package. However, it is entirely viable to pay and do the courses without that as we don't want barriers in the way to you becoming the absolute best version of yourself. It means there is flexibility. Unlike working with typical spa brands who give you a minimum £5- 8 k buy in you could decide to pay for training only, or training and a small amount of product or you could buy more product and get free training. It leaves the decisions to you, not some demanding self important spa company who seem to have forgotten that the customer is at the centre of everything. We learnt a long time ago you should never judge what someone may become. By putting limitations such as you have to have 4 treatment rooms, you have to have showers etc spa brands miss some of the most amazing therapists who will deliver real attention to detail. That is what Pinks Boutique as a skincare brand and a training brand is about, it is always all in the detail.

Can I split the payments for the course?

No, this isn’t possible as we give you immediate access to the full course. If you wish to do a number of courses we may be able to put them in a bundle discount for you so please email us at [email protected] to request this.

Who are Pinks Boutique?

Pinks Boutique is an organic skincare brand for spas, salons, and therapists born out of Pinks Academy. Pinks Academy, fast track, independent beauty schools launched in 2004 and very quickly grew to train over 1500 students a year to become nail techs, beauty therapists, and holistic therapists. These were industry qualifications either via VTCT NVQ or Babtac and the Guild Insurance courses. We taught over 35 different courses, all led by Kirstie Sherriff ( then Allen, our Founder.) While running the schools Kirstie frequently visited Asia and did lots of training abroad. With the schools being so busy she also developed an obsession for trying to find the standout differences in treatments as she first hand was witnessing just how many therapists were going into the marketplace. In 2008 she began to develop Pinks Boutique, a certified organic skincare range. Believe it or not, this was inspired by Professional Rugby. Luke, her partner, was playing for Harlequins in the UK Premiership and had a fitness and nutritional coach arrive who changed their lives. He taught them about food, how it was grown, what to avoid eating, and endocrine hormonal disruptors in beauty products. She started to research the ingredients in the many professional brands she was using in Pinks Academy and opened 'pandora's box'. Once you start to learn what goes into most beauty products you realise the industry we all love is often cheap liquid in very expensive bottles. Pinks Boutique has grown to have over 65 products, is fully certified organic by the Soil Association, and only sold to professional therapists, salons, and spas. Kirstie developed treatment protocols to go with these products and this is what sits in the Spa Finishing School. Kirstie and Luke have also launched another skincare brand with a refillable natural deodorant